How do I determine if I am eligible live in a Lincoln Military Housing community?

Lincoln Military Housing has many communities within several different military installations around the nation. To qualify for housing from Lincoln, you must:

  • Be active duty military
  • Have at least one accompanying family member
  • Be eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing, or BAH
  • Have orders to one of the installations that the housing area serves
  • Have six months or more remaining on your current duty assignment

If you meet all the above requirements, select the military installation you are moving to during the application process and obtain the appropriate contact information of your Military Housing Office.

What information do I need to apply for military housing?

You must submit the following:

  1. Housing application cover sheet
  2. Application Card
  3. Current Orders
  4. DD1746
  5. Copy of your Page 2 or DD93 (Red -record of emergency data)
  6. Current LES
  7. ID

Other documents that are required if applicable:

  1. Medical pregnancy statement supplied by your physician. The term of pregnancy to qualify for a larger home varies from Installation to Installation.
  2. Sponsors who share custody of dependent children must provide proof of legal custody (final decree documents) specifically stating that the sponsor is entitled to custody for at least 6 consecutive months a year to have dependents considered for eligibility.
  3. DA 31 (Army)
  4. Live-in aid is approval by the HA
  5. Power of Attorney
  6. Exceptional Family Member paperwork

At some Installations, you may be asked to sign a copy of the Privacy Act and/or Megan's Law as a part of the application process.

Is Lincoln Military Housing pet friendly?

Pets are allowed at some communities. Be sure to let your housing office know ahead of time that you have a pet. You will need to register your pet with the office and follow the community policies with regards to the number of pets, weight and breed restrictions, pet security deposit and the care of your pet.

How will I know what type and size of home my family qualifies for?

Your choices will depend on your rank and the number of dependents in your family. The Housing Office at your specific military installation will give you your options when you contact them.

What services does Lincoln Military Housing provide to residents?

Lincoln Military Housing provides all maintenance for the communities it manages, including trash collection, recyclable collection, snow removal, grounds maintenance, pest control, and other necessary services.

How is maintenance handled at Lincoln Military Housing communities?

Lincoln Military Housing provides a 24-hour service call desk for emergencies. For standard maintenance issues, Lincoln provides a standard service request form that is provided and accessible to current residents of our communities.

How is privatized military housing similar to non-privatized military housing?

A few of the similarities are:

  • Zero out of pocket expenses for residents; rent is based on BAH
  • You will continue to live in a military community
  • The government pays for the cost of moves into privatized units for eligible service members
  • You will continue to go to the Housing Service Center for housing information
  • The Housing Service Center will receive your application for privatized housing and will refer you Lincoln Military Housing

How is privatized housing different from non-privatized military housing?

A few of the differences are:

  • Homes are managed and operated by Lincoln Military Housing
  • You must sign a lease, which will include a “military clause”
  • You will receive BAH and pay rent directly to the property manager
  • All resident matters, including maintenance, is handled by Lincoln Military Housing

Must a service member live in the privatized military housing if it is available or risk losing his or her housing allowance?

No. Like all military family housing, service members are not required to live in privatized housing (PPV) and may use their BAH to pay for private sector housing. The DoD’s goal is to create privatized housing developments that are places where military members will want to live. This is accomplished by building new housing and/or renovating existing housing, and providing services and amenities that prove important to military families. If the Service Member elects to live in PPV housing, the BAH is paid directly to the private partner when an allotment is initiated.

Does living in a Lincoln Military community impact families who use low-income assistance programs?

Even though you must start collecting BAH under PPV, there should be no effect on your eligibility for income-based programs.

The Social Security Administration ruled that privatized housing is to be treated the same way as traditional military housing for determining eligibility for the Supplemental Security Program. This program benefits families with a disabled child.

Some assistance programs already require applicants to include non-cash benefits as income. For example, while living in traditional Navy Housing, the base childcare center includes the BAH you forfeit as part of your total income to determine your childcare rate. Under programs like this, the value of housing has always been included as part of your income, so after PPV, this amount will not change.

We encourage you to immediately notify your Family Service Center if you believe this issue could have an impact on you. They can investigate the particular program.

Can we have day care in the home while living in a Lincoln Military Housing community?

Residents may provide in-home childcare only through participation in the Child Development Homes program. The resident must be certified through the Child Development Program if childcare is conducted on the premises for more than 10 cumulative hours per week. Residents must also comply with all applicable state and local laws regarding childcare.

If we choose to live in a Lincoln Military community, will that affect the school our children are able to attend?

No. School districts will not be affected by public private venture housing. In addition, the system of "impact aid" to the local school districts by the Department of Education will not change.

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