Your Drinking Water: Camp Pendleton’s Water Resources Division

Camp Pendleton is one of the only locations in Southern California where drinking water is locally provided and not outsourced.

Camp Pendleton’s Water Resources Division employs a team of professional engineers and state-certified water operators to manage the systems that treat Camp Pendleton’s water. The WRD team works to remove any contaminants that would impact the health and safety of all personnel who train, work or have families on the West Coast’s premier expeditionary training base.

“Camp Pendleton’s ability to supply its water needs from its local groundwater assets is a very unique and envied capability within Southern California,” said John Simpson, director of WRD. “Processing and purveying groundwater and the maintenance of the pre-1914 water rights inherited by Camp Pendleton saves the American taxpayers several million dollars per year over purchasing water from a local city or special district.”