Our Staff

Lincoln Military Housing’s mission is to make their current and prospective residents feel at home. Due to the close-knit nature of the community, and unique bond that all residents share, Lincoln employees know making residents feel at home is core to their mission. Living in the community gives residents a community to be part of. Residents are around their peers, other spouses, and family members that provide a unique support group.

Lincoln Military Housing has about 1,200 employees and 7,000 homes within the Camp Pendleton community. Employees, who often come from a military background, take pride in the fact that they know these family members by name – and that families know theirs.

“Working at Lincoln Military Housing is much different to than other property management companies, because it feels more personal. It feels like we truly have a mission, and that we’re giving something back.”

— Amanda Begin, Regional Property Manager

Like other Lincoln Military Housing communities across the country, Camp Pendleton residents enjoy an average of three events each month. From free ice cream in the summer months to movie nights under the stars – residents enjoy opportunities to spend quality time with family and build relationships in their neighborhood.

Lincoln Military Housing employees are defined by their tireless work ethic and endless amounts of empathy. Many have served in the military themselves or come from a military background, so they are acutely attuned to the unique needs of the residents at Camp Pendleton.